• ShinySnivyStudios

    I'm New!

    February 2, 2015 by ShinySnivyStudios

    Hi! My name is ShinySnivyStudios, a person. "What kind of person?" you may ask. Just...a mediocre person. Right now, I'm going to tell you what brings me here to Fantendo II, my plans on this wiki, and some things about myself. Here I go:

    • I came here because back at Fantendo, I was being bullied and was very unpopular. I didn't have a very pleasant experience. :'(
    • I was born with autism, so please be nice to me, OK?
    • I plan to make a company called "Alpha Games". I hope to hire new (and nice) people.
    • I already have 2 new game ideas:

    It's about a group of four astronauts who eat and drink a lot get lost on another planet. They hope to recover their broken spaceship, the Space Odyssey, and bring food back with them, as well.
    Cynical Land:…

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  • MeGa eXal

    You guys here?

    April 18, 2014 by MeGa eXal

    I intended never to come to Fantendo II again, but I realized that practically no one was on the Fantendo I wiki, so I came here to check for people. And I found Locky, Pablo, Sora, and Fandro.

    Is this where you guys hang out at night? Like, a nightclub?

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  • Golem Guy

    The great solution!

    January 20, 2014 by Golem Guy

    There is a solution for all of the IPs to be back on Fantendo! All you IPs have to do is create a account.

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  • MeGa eXal

    I hate Fantendo II. The articles here are like a giant pile of spam. There is an article about some fanon character called Weegee, but Mario's actual brother, Luigi, does not have an article here at all. The people here are so lazy that Mario's article is just a junkyard of horrible grammar, misspelled words, and improper capitalization. Not only that, but that single, exact article is so short that it doesn't even show Mario's biography.

    I am leaving Fantendo II forever. Goodbye, you lazy morons.

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  • Alessiofuffa2

    The wiki is invaded with many chickens!! Otherwise still use the first wiki of Fantendo, then we are safe. GET OUT!

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  • Gabriel Cavalcanti

    I was thinking in a game named Fantendo II Kart, a game with Fantendo II characters. It's to be released in 2013?

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  • Jh2123

    Gabriel Calvacanti

    September 10, 2011 by Jh2123

    It is enough.I will clean all the crappy bad users here.Please Gabriel.I want to support

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  • MR.L56


    August 20, 2011 by MR.L56

    yo!!!!!!! im new so i will rite blog post now so yeha

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  • AuraLightning

    Yes! I've got news!

    • Tina Chicken has Turned 2!
    • It is fun Spamming this Wiki!
    • Mr. Chicken has a Game, yes he dus.
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  • John Jerome

    i want to be a sysop

    August 3, 2011 by John Jerome

    Guys, i want to be a sysop. How can I be a sysop?

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  • AuraLightning

    Yes he dus. Mr. Chicken Fighterz is rated W and 1.9/0.1.


    mr chicken

    ugly butt

    grumpy fart


    ms chicken

    max da tax


    old chicken

    yes he dus

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  • Jh2123

    fantendo ll is dumb and stupid

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  • Exotoro

    The war begins.

    July 29, 2011 by Exotoro

    Blue Soup, prepare to be toasted.

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  • Spark01


    July 29, 2011 by Spark01


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  • Stelios7


    July 29, 2011 by Stelios7

    I think he got the message... He's a cool user, we have taught him a lesson. Lay off the spam now, children.

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  • MrConcreteDonkey

    i'm sure your family would invest in this LOVELY WOOD PANEL

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  • Stelios7


    July 29, 2011 by Stelios7

    Sun is shinin' in the sky, There ain't a cloud in sight It's stopped rainin' Everybody's in a play And don't you know It's a beautiful new day.

    Runnin' down the avenue,(Pant, Pant, Pant) See how the sun shines brightly In the city on the streets Where once was pity, Mr. Blue Sky is living here today.

    (Chorus:) Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why, You had to hide away For so long where did we go wrong.

    Hey there Mr. Blue We're so pleased to be with you Look around see what you do, Everybody smiles at you.

    Hey you with the pretty face, Welcome to the human race A celebration Mr. Blue Sky's Up there waitin' and today Is the day we've waited for


    Mr. Blue you did it right, But soon comes Mr. Night, Creepin' over, now his Hand is on your shoulde…

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  • Gabriel Cavalcanti

    Hello everyone, welcome Fantendo II, the son of the original Fantendo. In our wiki we only have 3 members: Gabriel, Uberfuzzy and Sannse. Join this wiki and follow the rules below:

    1. Don't make racist jokes.
    2. Don't use bad words in this wiki.
    3. Remember that young child is accessing this website, then don't post pornography.
    4. Be gentle with any user
    5. In comments, you remember that Fantendo II is not forum (a site with comments about any thing)

    Good Luck!!

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