Hi! My name is ShinySnivyStudios, a person. "What kind of person?" you may ask. Just...a mediocre person. Right now, I'm going to tell you what brings me here to Fantendo II, my plans on this wiki, and some things about myself. Here I go:

  • I came here because back at Fantendo, I was being bullied and was very unpopular. I didn't have a very pleasant experience. :'(
  • I was born with autism, so please be nice to me, OK?
  • I plan to make a company called "Alpha Games". I hope to hire new (and nice) people.
  • I already have 2 new game ideas:

It's about a group of four astronauts who eat and drink a lot get lost on another planet. They hope to recover their broken spaceship, the Space Odyssey, and bring food back with them, as well.
Cynical Land:
It's about a boy who falls asleep one night and has a nightmare that lands him in a nightmare land called Cynical Land. He can't get out of this mortal realm without defeating the Nightmare God. With the help of 3 new friends, he plans to defeat him and get out of Cynical Land.

  • Sometimes, I don't have time to finish my games. That's because I only get 30 minutes on the computer, PERIOD.

That's it. if you like to ask questions, say something on my talk page.

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